Thanksgiving has come and passed. As we look back at all the food we ate (and I ate a whole lot), the wine we drank and the hospitality of our family and friends, what are we thankful for? I know what I am thankful for, but put yourself in the homeless position. What would you be thankful for? Being alive? Having a place to sleep and eat (sometimes/rare occasions)? What do the homeless people really have to thankful for and in this context is thanksgiving lost to them?

Ephraim faloughi


I’d like to thank anyone that was involved in giving back in any way this holiday. Anyone who donated food, clothing or blankets. Anyone who donated their time at a shelter cooking or passing out cooked food. Thank you.

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I write a blog about homeless people, and at times, yes do poke fun. But right now, I feel like a squatter in my own home. It is freezing in here. I’m wearing more clothes inside than when I go snowboarding.

To explain my myself and my posts a little. I have little respect for those that don’t look for hand ups but rather hand outs because I have worked in drop in centers, I have served food at Salvation Army, and I have sat in on group meetings with homeless individuals dealing with terminal illnesses. I am aware of plenty of government and privately sponsored programs that do exist, that help out the less fortunate, who want to help themselves. So please don’t think that I’m just some immature asshole who likes to make fun of helpless people on the internet, because I’m not (well kind of… but not fully).

First off it is crazy cold in Philadelphia. It has been so cold that I didn’t leave my house once this weekend. Got in Friday night – left Monday morning and I immediately wanted to go back in. So as this cold week goes by, I ask that we all take a moment to think about those in a less fortunate position than we are. Those who don’t have a place to live and/or a heater to keep warm from this blistering cold. If you have a chance take the time to voluunteer at a soup kitchen or do something as simple as giving and old coat away, it would help loads. It’s a messed up world as i see it.

Ephraim Faloughi

So Senator Barrack Obama has finally won the presidency and in historic fashion as well. I wonder would his policies somehow reach the lest fortunate like the homeless. Will they have more to look forward to or are they a forgotten people in America? Right now there are seemingly more pressing issues at hand but as human beings, they should also be given some sort of assurances.

by Ephraim Faloughi
(Originally written Nov. 6)

I have receieved questions from readers who wanted to know if they could contribute. The answer is yes. As long as what you want to contribute has something to do with either Philadelphia or the homeless, feel free to send it to If I like what you have, I will post it and credit you.

Marvin used to have a job. He is unemployed now. He was hit quite hard on the head and forgot that he writes with his left hand, not his right. (Don’t feel bad, we paid him for this photo. Something close to a dollar I think.)

Frank is actually a really interesting guy. He used to have a family, you know, wife and the 2.5 kids. The reason that he is in his current position is that he saw the movie Invincible (you know the movie where the guy from new kids on the block tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles) and decided that was going to be his life. He began training day and night. He ignored his job, and family to the point where he had alienated himself from everyone he knew or loved. It got to the point where he thought his name was Vince. His wife left him, and moved away with the kids. His job let him go. Now all he has is a glimmer of a dream in his eye, and a sign asking for change.